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6 Seconds TO LIVE

Life Saving Techniques - Briefing for your Team

We see it on TV, we hear about it from people from time to time

Until it happens to someone you know, you will never know the impact these Life Saving Techniques may have!

We all eat throughout the day, yet if you are choking, your airway is 100% restricted will your co-worker know what to do? 

You will have only 6 seconds before your brain is depleted of oxygen and in most cases to live.


We spend countless dollars training the brains of our employees about our businesses; yet when it comes to keeping them alive what will your team do in the crisis? 

This briefing is designed to empower your team and you as a business owner, manager, showing your team you care. It is a proven fact when people feel cared for as a part of their team and their employer provides for their personal well being, business ethics and production are significantly increased. 


  • Time with Management prior to the briefing

  • 5-8 minutes demonstration

  • 10 minutes per 10 experiential 

  • Equipment may be pre-ordered or ordered and shipped

  • Travel fees additional  


Sandi has been in Mental Health and Wellness since 1991.  In addition, she is certified as both  L3 Medic and  Safety Advisory for over 7  years.   

In 2017 while dining alone she experienced a choking incident that as she drifted away in her dying moments she was revived with a few simple techniques. 

After the incident, she interviewed her neighbors, family, and friends and shockingly discovered approximately 97% said they would have no idea what to do if someone was choking or if they themselves were.

Sandi says, "Hands-on is the only way people are empowered to actually attempt these life-saving methods in the crunch time.  Until that moment arrives when you are in that presence of a choking victim do you truly realize how valuable these techniques are.  [ the impact of watching a video does little to actually learn with confidence ]

The internet is a wonderful tool though no other than, "hands-on"  gives your Team the added confidence when or if that time arrives. 

As a business owner herself, Sandi appreciates time is valuable.  Sandi will provide your Team with a Brief demonstration and ensure you have a few simple items to assist your team if the time should arise. 

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