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 3 Hours mind-gym

3 Hours Mind Gym is an experience through a spectrum of communication tools for individuals, groups, and corporations.  Offering mind tools in various areas to unlock blocks due to hidden personal triggers.  Often as an adult, one is expected to perform in a particular manner.  Learning these simple mind tools generally increases positive productive interaction with self and others. People are surprised how tweaking a few minor areas or having the clarity of what it is they are saying delivers new results in their day-to-day communications, whether with themselves or with others.  


The online 3HOURS Mind-Gym tools have a proven history of success. This non-traditional system shocked a Canadian Government facility after a five-year client tracking of individuals was performed to discover clients had a 96% success.  The 3HOURS Mind-Gym tools offer information to users, unlike other systems, sessions or workshops. 


With today's constant breach of information, there are few places one feels safe to truly unpack personal issues. Other than a users' email for some areas this system does not retain users information.  The only place our users share their personal issues is on the paper you write upon yourself as you go through the system.

Developing a process that many individuals can access in privacy, retaining and protecting their details while the user utilizes the tools provided in this system required years of work.  Thousands of individuals who visit the site prefer to work privately with the online exercises and speech bubbles. For individuals who prefer to book a one-on-one zoom session click on the contact us page.    

GZCC Services offers seminars, published books available on Amazon, on techniques and wellness authored by

The Founder.  All tools and publications on are copyrighted and not permitted to be used for distribution by individuals, companies or used professionally without written permission by the Author.  

First Nation ways a return to simplicity and clarity
Sandi Verley
GZCC Services
FOUNDER / Consultant

Sandi's sharing is a combination of her experiences in life professionally and personally.  Her background as a  Medic, studies of anatomy combined with years working as a therapeutical counsellor in both a government facility and public sectors paves the array of specialized tools.  Her skills as a Certified Health & Safety Advisory, researcher and businesswoman opens many additional pathways for individuals and corporations through deliverance of seminars. With her layers of professional experience combined with her own life experiences she provides users a diverse set of information and experiences within the 3 Hours Mind-Gym.   Sandi is a Contributor  focused upon achieving wholeness. People are being led down rabbit holes by labels and medication.  MAINSTREAM is far too focused on labels and medications versus basic real life tools that work.  

She often shares: "Regardless of a person's profession or their story when it comes down to a persons' core we are all human beings with issues."  Even those who achieve credentials as Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counsellors, ECCOM. Often these tools can be shocking for professionals as they discover there is more to human reaction and happiness than the system they spent years within.  After ALL, we are all human beings with spirit, with feelings, experiences and triggers.  Respecting each human's journey is theirs to arrive exactly where they need to be in each moment to experience their life path is a gift in itself to learn.

Sandi is passionate about providing interactive information to share with others the possibilities of discovering who they are and how valuable their lives are meant to be..., discovering their place of detonation, evolving their root negative into a positive, discovering the key to release their invisible handcuffs and auto-pilot reactions.  By releasing those invisible handcuffs increases self-empowerment as they Journey within to discover a healthier self-esteem and empowerment.  Our lives await us to begin truly living them.  Millions of people function minimally, daily, due to invisible handcuffs they cannot pinpoint to unlock.  Invisible handcuffs affect their every decision and internal happiness.  During her years as a counsellor, her clients would always ask why other people in this industry do not share these tools! Astonished by their ability to apply many of the interactive information pieces productively,  resulting in immediate positive effects & reactions in their lives.   Why?  The information is simple and makes sense!  Appreciating their choice is their own.

You'll never know where you can arrive, without taking the footsteps to arrive...  

After many years of building tools and this website Sandi is of gratitude to share with the users who choose themselves to experience the 3HOURS mind-gym.  As a counselor,  I am often asked why someone I know is suffering or why I myself may have an experience...#1 rule in this industry is not to counsel your family.  It's not up to me to control their life, each person will reach out when and only when they are ready to learn more.  There are different issues in life and experiences for all of us to work on self...just when we believe we've mastered an area another will pop up.  When we learn the tools we welcome the experience versus fearing them.  Life here is for us all to have our own experiences for self.  3HOURS mind-gym offers tools for expansion.  We are all individuals with the right to choose. So many in Society when they discover your work is in this field have the misconception life for ourselves or those around us should be perfect.   


3HOURS mind-gym invites the ROCKS in life and all persons.  There is no one person who gets a free pass in life without issues, only some who learn to mask their issues better than others.  Eventually it all wells up within and we hit our hard-pan... Letting go of autopilot reactions I will share gives a person a sense of freedom.  Letting go of what is not working for you to make room for what can is key to greater happiness...

Disclaimer:  By accessing information provided by GZCCSERVICES.COM web site, written and or verbal material [upon the site or provided by the consultant],  the user accepts full liability and responsibility for their use of the material.  Therefore it is the user[s] entire responsibility what the user chooses to do in their personal life with the information provided during a consultation.   information is not intended as therapy or counseling. Information provided by GZCCSERVICES.COM is not intended to replace professional Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counselling treatments or Court Ordered Counselling.  ​

All material is copyrighted and may not be used in any way by clients or others in a professional manner.  Legal action will be taken in such an event.  Information provided by Ground Zero GZCCSERVICES.COM is for personal use only.  ​All users accessing the site shall be the minimum age of 19 years of age.  ​The Consultant may be contacted for youths who are at risk of suicide and arrangements may be made by proof of legal rights as a guardian for the youth.  ​Legal guardians may request a Legal Guardianship request form for youths at risk.  Progress reports shall not be provided.  GZCCSERVICES.COM does not require an adult's full name or personal ID information.  Client files consist of levels achieved only.  This is done to prevent illegal access of your information shared with the consultant.  [exceptions are: Youth at Risk and Workplace required documents: A Workplace Required Document will consist of your full name, levels achieved and dates only]

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