1INCIDENT.com was born due to the owner Sandi Verley's parents aging and living in a separate location.  As contractors were required it was difficult to be in person at times when they needed to be vetted.  Due to the known liabilities, they faced Sandi began writing Liability Agreements that would cover the work being performed.  

After years in the field both office and boots on the ground working in Health & Safety, the reality of safety being performed versus what Safety Programs require, the reality became clear: a larger majority of companies and or workers in the construction field attempt to and often ignore the regulations. Unfortunately, this includes many companies that have a well-designed safety program.  When the owners or Safety Officers are not overseeing the work the employees often slack off on performing the task safety.  

Sandi has written multiple Safety Programs, a number of large companies use today in BC and other areas.  For six years her life was committed to writing documents vetted for the homeowners.  

Safety is a fine line and when crossed the impact on the Prime can be devastating for the owner of the property if not the company hiring when regulations are not adhered too.  If half of the property owners truly knew what went on they may never build again.  Sandi has built 3 of her own homes in her lifetime acting as the General Contractor for two of those custom-designed homes.  

This site vetted for homeowners was a goal, a milestone to educate home and business owners, to provide documents to better protect the Prime when hiring contractors.  In addition, the minimizing coverage glossed over by the use of intellectual writers in policies that often leave the Prime hanging holding the liability and long drawn out court cases. Educating the Prime to know ALL it takes to lose your home your investment is 1 incident.  

Launching the website to offer home and businesses affordable documents to transfer the Safety Liability onto the contractor.  Going to a lawyer would cost thousands and there would still be loopholes due to their lack of boots on the ground experience.  For under $50.00 people can afford to better protect themselves and their investments.  

Most smaller outfits do not even begin to know what Safety is.  Safety is the Law and there are regulations for every job whether you know them or not the laws are intact.

Just prior to Sandi's launching her site at a BC HOME & GARDEN SHOW in 2019, she walked into her bank confirming the need for this information in various areas.  This national bank has a Safety Program.  The lighting contractor set up a 16 ft ladder and in doing so endangered not only the public, tellers as well himself.  No hard hat, no guarding, no safety measures were used during the worker's task.  Imagine what that court case with the cameras rolling might look like.  Sandi has now included a Corporate Liability Safety Awareness Briefing.  Management and workers need to know Safety has shifted and the liability is astronomical.  Insurers not always cover what you think they cover she says.  Having a Briefing for your management from an outside influence generally has added impact of the importance of liability.  Being proactive can reduce risks.