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Let's begin with this amazing art.  The link to the 3-dimensional art showcases how we live life. The difference between clarity in life or misconceptions of mixed messages.  This particular art piece has a shark.  Deep breaths help to gain access. 


The artwork site explains a technique to open the 3rd eye.  I generally access this type of art by breathing deeply slow exhale, crossing my eyes slightly then gently glance to one side and I am in.  HINT: As soon as you begin to think you are bounced out. 

This type of artwork has been selected to represent the clarity The Journey has to offer. When you can let go of the rest of the world without expectation, without thinking access is much easier.  Most people view the world and their experiences similar to how we initially glance at this type of art:  It doesn't appear to make much sense so we just move past it.  When we can open ourselves to new techniques to see within and pause long enough to experience it... there is something so valuable and beautiful for just simply tapping into this art.  Clarity, with a whole new perspective.   This artwork over the years opened the doorway for many clients to experiencing life fuller function as a whole versus only a part of your being.    As individuals saw the clarity within this 3D art they felt instantly jolted and alive ...[check back soon for new pictures on GZCC Services]

This artwork mirrors Journey The Pathway to Self. It is truly so simple yet a person's thinking keeps them so detached from living their true self.  Thinking is the fast track to the destruction of self and living life for others vs first being happy with self. 

The journey ahead in the modules is about looking within and becoming whole vs. seeing the world as we have been led to perceive it to be.  As we journey within we learn to find inner happiness which attracts happiness.  Know it may take a few tries to see within the 3D art so keep returning often...

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