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3HOURS: Wed-Thurs 9 am - 9 am

3HOURS: Wed-Thurs 9 am - 9 am


CHOOSE YOUR DATE CAREFULLY.  GZCC Services system is unable to alter dates once the download has occurred.  

3HOURS is an online mind-gym system for users who are experiencing issues in their lives or just looking  to leapfrog ahead of where life seems to have created a suspension in their life. Releasing the invisible handcuffs created by auto-pilot responses was never easier. 

Discover your "GOLDEN KEY" to open the door to the Life that awaits know within exists for you...

Disclaimer: All users accept 100% liability for use of information provided on and all publications. All users must be of legal age to purchase access or have adult consent to use site tools.  When you purchase this product the access code will show up in your download of your computer as a PDF titled as above . Using a laptop or desktop is recommended.  

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