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Author: Sandi Verley


Copyright© written and owned by Sandi Verley

1st Edition 2020





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Author: Sandi Verley /

[Legal name Sandra Verley]




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Throughout the era's research from technical data, individuals, professionals, and of course personal experiences, there have been many discoveries around the world continuously unraveling.   All too often the professional associations, researchers, scientists, and or individuals tend to keep their information in their own field.   This has been a paradigm for generations often based upon professional languages and audiences.  Due to this, there is a great deal of information that remains disconnected.


Over the years of research within the science and industries of water, being privy to various information around the globe from scientists, doctors, therapists, and others in their fields in addition to my work and research paving the way to connect the dots in mental and emotional issues in regards to living water.  Information regarding living water can be found at the gzccservices.com website under the MORE tab.  It is important to understand the type of water a person consumes in fact determines their body's overall health and wellbeing.  We can absorb information and focus upon our mental being,  though when our physical, spiritual, emotional sectors are out of balance within our in own wheel, how can we find balance for a healthier self-esteem?  For a healthier self-esteem, we require all four sectors of our human self to be equally activated within our wheel.


Prior to researching the values of water, life's experiences seem to constantly steer my experiences to self-growth from as far back as I recall at the age of 13 [thirteen].  I was a child inspired by life itself, always asking the elderly questions, listening to their stories, and connecting the dots.  I was a people watcher, watching their interactions, actions, and reactions with one another.


In regards to opposite-sex relationships, I recall my mother sharing with my sisters and me before we were ready to know the truth in her eyes, that a girl could get pregnant by rubbing bellies with a boy.  So when I was younger no boy was going to get that close to me...I still chuckle at how gullible I was back then.


One story I have shared over the years with others is my mother's rendition of the birds and bee's talk.  When I was 17 she shared with me as I went out in life to never allow myself to be talked into having sex with a boy just because they wanted to, and to be sure if I choose to engage to ensure doing so was what I really wanted to do.  I recall asking her how I would know the difference.  She told me if I could go up to the middle of our small town and yell out to everyone that I had sex with so and so last night and then come home and proudly tell her and my dad then I would know it was what I wanted to do and I would be proud to tell everyone.  She told me then that sharing our bodies with another was a beautiful experience and she did not want anyone to tell me anything different.  So when that time came in life she wanted me to be sure that what I chose to do was my choice, not theirs.  Well that was to date the best birds and bees talk anyone has provided their young that I am aware of... [ I would suggest parents replacing the word, "sex" with "making love".


So like the story in  "Journey The Pathway to Self" about Susan and the ham we all have stories from our childhood that without the originator knowing, is passed along to others, and each time there poses a risk of a change in the story along the way.  We can also equate this to the exercise, " What is Normal" and the missing parts of the line [the story].  The missing sections of the history in the story that led to an action/outcome; the story.


During my early adult life, experiences seem to constantly steer my interest to vibration and frequency in various areas.  Having a background in the mental health industry, I began connecting the information to the human body and relationships almost immediately.  Early on in my research, I was given three discs.  These three discs consisted of scientists attempting to discover the why's and how's of the human body in regards to relationships and the why and what the difference is between love and being in love.  Unfortunately without personal information to base their studies upon and connect the dots there can be little, if no firm foundation to share with their listeners that would assist in the clarification to the how's and why's of human behavior in the state of, "being in love".  Instead, they hook their test subjects [people] to probes and electrical devices in attempts to discover information to clarify the difference based on electrical impulses.  Unfortunately under those particular circumstances most likely the test results will never deliver the answers they seek.   The impulses they are searching for is a combination of inside and outside the body versus from strictly within the body.  The impulses travel within what is referred to as the vortex, a place where scientists cannot probe or exam.


Love:  One of the most misconstrued words in the library.  It's like seeing a child therapist with your child who has never had children.  Clinical studies provide information based on statistics versus real life experiences.  For example, children who are sugar intolerant have multiple mental issues; many professionals attempt to treat with medication, when in fact understanding the root, making diet changes can quickly change behavioral issues.


There are many experiences individuals have in life that all too often are seldom shared with others that are much deeper than what is acknowledged openly.  Why this is;  individuals who have such experiences fear being judged nor do they sense a need.  Here in this publication, I am sharing openly, information based upon my own experiences, those close to me, in addition, years of research, to aid others who are inquisitive or have similar experiences or ultimately discover such a union.   


There are many mental barriers stemming from auto-pilot behaviors today which hold many individuals back from experiencing what we are ALL capable of experiencing.  Until we can identify those barriers in our own lives how can we fully experience being whole with another?  Being in a union is not a relationship held together by ego, expectations, guilt, religion, politics or sex or tradition; rather it is one of unconditional love of self and others.  It is a union where two equals are fulfilled by first being whole themselves. 


All of you reading this publication have read the book THE NEW ERA RELEASING THE INVISIBLE HANDCUFFS of AUTO-PILOT and have taken JOURNEY THE PATHWAY TO SELF to have discovered the importance of being a whole self; functioning with all four parts of your human being self.  Learning to communicate yourself clearly in your world.  Today due to the dead / non-valued fluids people around the globe are consuming, is and has affected their bodily functions, and has created an unknown barrier in regards to their body's cells having the ability to vibrate at their intended full potential, sending frequencies from one cell to the other.  A person may contain extensive mental teachings though if they are unable to have their body's cells vibrate at their full potential, how can your cells possibly resonate with another at that the body's required frequency? 


The teachings of the historical Medicine Wheel versus the commercial artwork sold as the Medicine Wheel depicts the four parts of our human being self.   The Wheel shows us that thinking [mental] is the polar opposite of our emotions [feelings].  In the Journey, you discovered thinking = trouble.  The tools in the Journey are there to assist individuals to communicate from their own choices to the world in which they live versus struggling and surviving in their auto-pilot responses and to unleash the invisible handcuffs of O.C.P. behaviors.  Tools to empower individuals to show up in the world as a whole person making their own choices.


In this publication, you will be exposed to relationships that come together as a whole through equal vibration.  You will learn about the VORTEX so many spiritual leaders share about and millions attempt to access, and so few experience.  


The author is not a Spiritual Expert nor leads any groups.  The information shared is for the reader to use for what fits for them and allow the rest to rest.  When or if comes a time in the readers' life they may require such information, the information will resurface to give you access to it; when desired it will surface readily.


Each of you now know the content of the Historical Medicine Wheel, therefore it will only be refer to in this publication. 

Over many decades people's lives have become so busy and by doing so ignoring self has become habitual.  Most have no idea how important our body's pH is to achieve our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  The education system teaches general information in regards to science regarding acidity in the body, also known as acidosis, the information, available ends at the identification of acidosis [the main contributor of most illnesses and diseases].  The education of acidosis and what to do if your body becomes acidic stops at the diagnosis of acidosis.  Education in our systems avoids further explanation like the plague in regards to a full dialogue in regards to what to do if your body becomes acidic outside of eating alkaline foods for Cancer.  Cancer diets talk about eating alkaline foods yet the truth stops there as well and is rather an oxymoron.  The truth is when those alkaline foods are cooked with acidic water which 98% of communities the water is ...manufactured to resemble alkaline living water; yet with a true test reads as acidic; the pH of that food is altered to then be acidic like the water it is cooked in.    


People's health by the time they are in their 40's are being managed generally by 4-5 medications, which leads to a brick wall.  By the time people are retiring nowadays, instead of talking about the last holiday they went on or cruise, their main topics are what specialists and doctors they see or the why's and what meds they are taking just to live every day.   Why is this?  Due to the state of fluids most are consuming today are non-productive or acidic; their cells are dehydrated and unable to function on a healthy level.  Having worked within the Mental Health Industry for many years the work encompassed drug & alcohol addictions, physical, emotional, and sexual abuses bridging to many mental health issues; later on transcending into physical cell health.  I often found myself bewildered how many people are quick to judge those who had a few drinks and went behind the wheel of a car while all the while they themselves are living in a daze and an altered state of mind from life on multiple prescribed drugs with various reactions then getting behind the wheel of a car.  Best kept secret of modern-day!   Laws tend to look the other way when industries and or authorities make billions...


The pH of the human body determines how you live and what illness or diseases you will have.  It also determines one-fourth of your being self, being whole. 


Before we move onto energetic partnering it's important you understand the science of frequency and vibration and its core for the vitality of life itself.  Everything living MUST be capable of producing a vibration that is sent from one cell to the other as a frequency.  What has no frequency is dead.  To achieve this in the human body each of your 100 or more trillion cells [cell receptors] MUST have living water with the earth's micro minerals within each cell to create the vibration throughout your body. 


The cell's ability to function is the difference of your cells laying dehydrated and dormant like a raisin versus full like grape and functioning at full capacity.  When a cell is full of living water like a grape it can transcend frequencies, which are electrical impulses created by the cell's ability to vibrate vs. a dried up raisin.  Cells need to be full of living water to function as intended.  Unfortunately, drugs do not hydrate the cells.  How you feel is dependent upon your body's ability to vibrate and send frequencies.


Globally many people have fallen prey to the bottled water & soft drink industries consuming dead non-productive fluids.  Products purchased from a store in a bottle is made from DEAD WATER non-productive fluid, also known as Reverse Osmosis water.  If you put a fish in a bowl of bottled water from the store the fish will quickly die.  Why? Reverse Osmosis water / dead non-productive fluid has had the minerals removed and therefore there can be no vibration.  Dead water does not support life.   FDA warns people if you know what you are reading of this type of non-productive fluid.  Yet look how many people are unknowingly filling their cells with this dead non-productive fluid resembling water.  "What is water?" Knowledge is powerful information.  People around the globe wonder why they are sick, why they are depressed and why they cannot feel good or find the right partner?  Look at how we are showing up in the world; between being dehydrated and minds full of mixed incongruent messages.


In the years of my youth, water was living, we did not see the massive outbreaks of sicknesses and stressors there are today.   There were a few diseases versus todays' libraries of constant new illnesses and diseases.


In most cities tap water remains to be living water with the unfortunate additions of chemicals and growing pollution and unfortunately today, largely acidic: know, removing the chlorine and heavy contaminates is vital to producing a healthier living.  If you wish to know more than read the book on Amazon: WATER EQUALS YOU.


The human body was designed to function through vibration and frequency as all living on this earth.  When we can vibrate at our highest potential throughout our being and tend to the other 3 sectors of our being it is far easier to achieve wholeness.  


We wonder why we are so off base in regards to personal happiness and our mental well being look at what we are doing to our physical being.  Did you know that the Neurologist Association in the USA approximately 8 years ago from the year of this publication determined;  ALL mental health issues are derived from dehydration of the brain and body's cells? 


So to achieve where many hope to arrive, first hydrate with living crystalline water, which information can be found in the book above or under the MORE button on the authors' website. 


Unfortunately prior to 2020 and going forward many young children are being raised on bottled water and their bodies and minds are suffering of dehydration, causing the body and brain's operating functions to be low functioning.  All ages are experiencing massive depression, largely due to both the consumption of dead water, chemicals in what is consumed both in fluids and on foods. 




To fully achieve our wheel to be rotating through life evenly, our self-esteem is required to be balanced and for this to occur does require our cells to be hydrated with living water and consuming a healthy diet free as possible of chlorine and other chemicals.   When we can let go of ego-based concepts, blame, judgment, self-pity, beliefs, which are not our own and allow ourselves to awaken wholely, by attending to all four sectors of our human being self we are then capable of maintaining our highest intended vibration.


Before sharing love with another first can we love ourselves wholely?  Only when we achieve this are we capable of transcending our frequencies that are a higher vibration to attract an equal.  We can only attract the frequency of what we are and vibrate.  I hear over and over again in sessions that the person sharing, shares that they always seem to attract the same kind of person.  This is because they have not raised their frequency. 


Much like the alcoholic who stops drinking yet makes no changes in their auto-pilot behavior they continue with the same poor communication and O.C.P. skills.  Their minds are busy thinking versus allowing themselves to heal ALL four sectors of their being, becoming equal.  How can a person be balanced and be in ego?  It is impossible.  People who live within the realms of O.C.P. attempt to heal 3 sectors versus all four.


The majority of people reading this information will have come from an O.C.P. auto-pilot lifestyle, trying to live life with half or three-quarters of their wheel.  Therefore hydrating yourself will be a key component to achieve your outcome sooner than later.  If you do not have good water where you live then research a good filter system [stay away from reverse osmosis systems] or change where you live.  Never fear change... At the end of the day only you can better your conditions and surroundings and no one is truly stuck, they only believe they are stuck in their mental prison and invisible handcuffs of auto-pilot behaviors and beliefs.


As you become awakened to your body on a scientific level you will discover each day delivers amazing results.  Keep it all simple.  People who believe they require a degree to research, study or grow are sadly mistaken.  Many individuals with master's and university degrees have contacted me over the  years for information when they hit their walls with what they have learned in their studies and the reality of what transpired in their lives.  There is no one person who knows everything and we all truly can achieve more by being open to learning more...


Each of you reading this publication will have discovered where your  "GOLDEN KEY" is within you.  Your GOLDEN KEY to each decision you make from here on will guide you.  Try your best to not allow your head to be the only part of you that believes you must control yourself, rather use all four parts of you to stay in charge of your own choices.  Say no to auto-pilot, unhealthy thinking or O.C.P. invisible handcuffs that hold you back.  [a form of self-sabotage] Love yourself and know you are capable of achieving what you truly desire if you truly want it enough and believe in yourself to balance your wheel with wholeness.


Up to this point, many of you on some level believed you needed someone in your life over first being whole with self.  Someone you could depend upon, trust to achieve that NORTH AMERICAN LIFESTYLE, to have made it in life.   Many of you dreamt of or have married, bought the house, and filled it with material items to have found yourself still feeling un-whole and alone in a relationship unfulfilled, and learned to love what hurt you most in life; you discovered one thing - it was all to satisfy who?  It certainly was not you.  For those of you who have not engaged yet in a relationship, you will now have what I referred to as more food in the library to consider before doing so.  Choices to make regarding how you want your life to become...


Most of you who stayed single or after a break-up, and stayed single, did so as to admit you wanted to share life with a special person meant you hadn't so far.  In the back of your mind, you allowed yourself to believe you had an issue or multiple issues and you were simply tired of the disappointment.  Being alone is not unhealthy unless you are doing so out of non-value for yourself, telling yourself it's all too much work or what's the use.  Healthy relationships are amazingly beautiful.  When you are in your high vibration others are attracted to your confidence and it will take your knowing the upcoming information to determine who is your equal and you will need your Golden Key to fully relate to it all.   If for any reason you have been illegally provided this book away from the authors published on their website only, you will want to take yourself into Journey the Pathway to Self and read the accompanying NEW ERA Releasing the Invisible Handcuffs of Auto Pilot publication also only available on the author's website, prior to knowing what the Golden Key is as without it none of this will make sense. [please report to us who provided you access or this book as it is legally only available on gzccservices.com upon successful legal charges gzccservices.com will provide you with a monetary reward.]


Through THE NEW ERA RELEASING THE INVISIBLE HANDCUFFS of AUTO-PILOT, you learned about the era's and how so many people were conditioned into a way of living; fake happiness, fake marriages, fake partnerships, most based on Power & Control resulting in abuse.  You learned that sex is an emotionless act leading to the eventual hum drum activity many avoid in their relationship as they daydream about the ultimate climax of actually, "making love" with someone one day. 


When or if you discover your equal in life, to make love with your equal is beyond words.  If any of you have believed you took pleasure with the polypeptide you felt when having just an orgasm during sex, just wait until you experience truly, "making love" with an equal. 





When you can raise your vibration and enter into society as a whole person then and only then can you be open to discovering an equal.   People generally do not meet their equal by intentionally looking.  You meet an equal by your vibration attracting their matching vibration and generally it is when you least expect it.  The expectation is after all stinking thinking,  which sends out negative vibrations.


Some individuals who were fortunate to be raised in healthier balanced homes where the couple were equals who parented, the children mirror their parents abilities to function wholey with healthier vibrations by learning to balance all four sectors knowingly or not the behaviors were present.   Others achieve healthy vibration at peak periods in their life subconsciously and often at that time stumble upon their equal.  When this happens it does not always mean both persons are single.  Spirituality is not conscious of paper contracts or false unions.   Spirituality is simply energetic.


When we see these people we sense their emanating confidence, we sense their energy as they pass by.  Even those functioning at a lower energy feel their presence and are in awe to experience even a sense of its powerful nature.  If we are looking we can see those who have a higher vibration, recognize the energy is much different; it is an energy that is free of ego based thinking.   


When individuals spend excessive time in their minds, in thinking, their wheel becomes off balanced.  If you catch yourself judging, blaming, being critical or in the ego mind of greed, this is all the mental part of the wheel and you will from there recognize how it throws your wheel off balance instantly.  When you take on your NEW BALANCED BEHAVIOR you will notice more and more a calmness that feels much closer to wholeness and feel an ease in life versus being pulled back down the hill from past auto-pilot behaviors.  In your early stages of balancing your wheel you may float back and forth from past to present.  Then one day being in the present with your wheel being balanced this ability will just become a preferred part of each day until one day your wheel will freely move through life...If we find ourselves dehydrated this is our physical being which effects all of our being and our mental status.  If we find ourselves in low vibration feeling depressed this is our physical, mental and emotional parts of who we are and if you neglect your spirituality  or are devalue yourself you will be quick to recognize how rapidly all this throws your wheel off balance.  Learning to balance your wheel takes time.  Our wheel is a part of each day.   


Look back on your life and do you recall even one time when you felt at the top of your game and felt completely safe and balanced?  Look at all that came to you during that time when your mind was uncluttered.  When each day you awoke to allow yourself to feel, think, be and experience positivity versus negativity.  Look at who you attracted at the time?  Unfortunately without having the Historical Medicine Wheel many faltered from their vibration into ego or devalue themselves and when we allow ourselves to falter we can see where our wheel falls off balance.  Now each of you know where to look. 


When our body's vibration achieves its desired highest vibration we are then ready to attract an equal  vibration in another.  It is through first the sharing of conversation, which begins to open the pathways of connection for an energetic union.  Following communication thru conversation comes shared experiences naturally with ebb and flow within each of our five human being senses; resulting in what I refer to as all of our shockra's equally being triggered at the same time and releasing the most powerful of polypeptide simultaneously from all the shockra's  throughout our entire being...This polypeptide is unlike any experience either has experienced prior or could with another as it can only transcend between two equals.  When this polypeptide is released equally within both parties it opens what is referred to as a vortex.  The vortex  is an energy field much like a tunnel between the two individuals, where the energy flows back and forth between the two parties equally at the same time as one.  This powerful energy causing a full body sensation beyond euphoric with a sense of calmness, safety, timelessness and totality of being all of who you are.  The best way I could share with you as a reader is:  If you can remember how when you sneeze it causes a surge of energy throughout your entire body.  Now imagine this 10,000 times more powerful.   Once the vortex is opened between the two energies the flowing back and forth between the parties each time they are equally in thought of one another, the frequencies is almost overwhelming.  This is an occurrence that transcends in what many refer to as the 5th dimension of the universe.  This could be why scientists may never achieve what they hope to discover as the vortex is not within the body it is energy transcending between spirits within a vortex that only those two parties experience .


Initially the two parties will not be able to pin point what is actually occurring between the two parties.  Over time they will discover that there are synchronicities that transpire.  There is no ego, no need, only fulfillment in totality in all four sectors of each being independently.  Such as one may be driving over a bridge while the other is unexpectedly driving under it.   As they are calling each other to discover one is heading west on the same hi-way while the other is traveling east as they pass each other unknowingly.  The two parties share the same energy and at any given time know exactly how the other is feeling as they only have to inquire within themselves as their equal mirrors the same energy.  They can be experiencing two different experiences yet resulting in the same mirroring emotion/ feeling and or outcome. 


For example: One day I had choked to death and was revived by a neighbor who was a nurse and heard me in distress.  Later to discover my equal had a serious health issue and was hospitalized for what could have caused their death around that same time.   


When two individuals enter a vortex eventually they will discover when they are having thoughts of the other the other is having thoughts of them at the exact same time as the polypeptide is ignited from the energy flowing back and forth within the vortex between them.  It's as though they are living separate lives in the same experiences from within.  From the moment the vortex opens there is a deep unexplainable connection.  This connection is one with no expectations, no guilt, no blame simply calm, pleasurable and a sense of totality with or without the others physical being, in their presence.  The parties deep wants and desires are equal in nature.  The energy will flow instantly without time regardless of the miles between the two parties.  They will discover they are both experiencing the exact same feelings at the same time regardless to the experience it's felt equally between them.  If one is in turmoil they will feel it and share energy to assist the other to restore balance and harmony within the vortex.  


Other people in their lives are marveled by their presence when they are together and even when they are apart as they are simply fulfilled.  When two equals come into union it's a powerful energy.  Whether their bodies are physically in the same location or not their union is of the highest level of commitment within the vortex.  Their lives or times together are timeless and they share a bond that no other is able to obtain or achieve.


When individuals are single and meet their equal their lives generally bond physically for their life time.  When one passes over they continue to share their energy and therefore comforted by the energy that continues to flow within the vortex between dimensions. 


Others we see in movies or hear about relationships that come together after 30-50 years or more  their energies return to one another if they were with others when they met.  When equals meet when their physical lives are intermingled with other relationships there is no threat.  Their spirits remain in the vortex without concern.  These individuals never feel alone.  Our earthly beings and life is referred to as the 3D dimension.  The fifth dimension is where the two are in union and for those who are single when they come into union they can live a very balanced life together.   For those who are within other relationships they have lessons they must learn before they reunite with their equal. 


There is no way to cheat, fake or lie your way into the vortex.  Only those persons who have achieved, as above so below, find their pathway in.   Spiritual energy that cannot be simulated or shared with any other than an equal. 


When two equals meet in the 3D who one or both are in a 3D committed relationship with other parties by society, politics, religion or traditional values the two will adapt and when not in physical contact they will communicate through the vortex within the energy fields.  Unfortunately what is referred to as divine timing is not to be controlled by outside influences and occurs when it is meant to occur whether in this life time or the next will depend upon lessons accomplished.    


It is up to both parties to work through their lessons of their existing 3D relationships and to gain their recognition and love of self.  Often one or both parties may slip back into behaviors of O.C.P. behaviors as experiencing vortex energy can be terrifying for most and unsettling...fear of the unknown often overrides emotions as many reading this have come to understand.  There is that all to often false security found in the O.C.P. compound and reverting back to past experiences or expectations alters the outcome versus allowing the freedom to experience ebb and flow for self.  There are as many people searching for answers as there are suppliers of information.  Once a person has their "Golden Key" they and only they will be in-tune with what is a fit for what they seek in this life.   Reuniting with a particular individual truly is about equal vibration that requires both to achieve separately and wholely. 


If one falls out of vibration and chooses to stay stuck in stinking thinking or dehydration they may never reach or regain their potential vibration in their remaining lifetime.  They may feel safer dreaming than living a life of love for themselves; they live in relapse of fear and lack of trust of self.  Reuniting may or may not happen in that particular life cycle.  In these cases those who allow themselves to stay in O.C.P. invisible handcuffs struggle emotionally, often ending up with physiological issues as all too often they have no other to share their full experience with or to receive healthy spiritual coaching.  To seek direction from an inexperienced individual can and often creates deeper emotional issues and entrapments.  Most therapist are of an O.C.P. background themselves or have not shown up in their own lives as whole, which makes it difficult for those individuals who have been experiencing the 5D living in the 3D to fully express without clear understanding of what has transpired themselves and is why they sought advice.  I know this may sound out to lunch for some though until you yourself find your balance and discover an equal you may or may not relate to the words you are reading. 


As a writer sharing this information is that those people who find themselves motivated to spirituality, achieving unconditional love will assist you to understand the importance of achieving love for self wholey prior to entering into a shared relationship.   Using their "Golden Key"  to make their choices just for them.  By doing so their relationships will generally last their lifetime or until

one passes in the 3D.  There is no piece of paper that can give to you a true union.  It can however give to you invisible handcuffs in a life of O.C.P. that may take many years to disengage from as you awaken to self.  When or if you truly achieve as above so below with ebb and flow with your wheel rotating in balance through life and you encounter an equal you will experience a union that certainly can last not one, many lifetimes...


When two people who discover their true union are held apart they generally become caught between their O.C.P. life of their past and what they know within their being to be true.  They can spend years in fear of letting go of their O.C.P. compound.  To move both feet out of the O.C.P. compound can be terrifying initially making the compound the safest place to hide where they fall back into the belief the compound is where their responsibility is to show up in.   Taking the leap of faith to trust their own intuition or the unknown to most, "the vortex" is a terrifying leap and requires wholeness to take the leap.  The individuals who hid from their experiences must achieve their wholeness without an expectation to re-enter the union on re-surfacing.  There is no guarantee their equal who was will be available in their 3D life, therefore taking the leap means to do so for self and self alone.  When people have lived an O.C.P. life for extended decades you can imagine how questionable having met their equal, could be in their auto-pilot beliefs of their O.C.P. life of mixed messages attached.  It's a mental wrestling match whether it all is truly real; when the whole situation is so unexplainable to others in their 3D life.  Their lives are altered forever having experienced the vibration of another equal to their own and finding themselves within a vortex they do not understand.   What they are very constantly aware of is the energy that flows back and forth when they are in thought of their equal.


It may be fair to share at this point that in re-surfacing one person's vibration may very well have changed or the other may be in a 3D relationship with another.  Only if the two equals are free on the re-surface can a union fully re-ignite in a partnership.  Based on the couples I have worked with over the years there appears to be no other set of equals who share the same frequencies as the two who experience a vortex.  Each vortex appears to contain one shared frequency between two equal individuals.  Entering a vortex can cause a great deal of confusion for individuals when they fall out of balance of wholeness in their 3D lives and allow themselves to be swallowed up by the grappling claws of their old O.C.P. lives.  Spiritually does give their subconscious an understanding deep within though making sense of it all in their conscious mind without much research is unlikely.  The conscious mind of the 3D can take years to become fully awaken.  A vortex is beyond the 3D conscious mind of thinking.  In actuality when a person's spirit is within their vortex as soon as a person begins to think they are popped out of the vortex.  There is no place for ego, judgment, blame, expectation, or anger in the vortex.  Many who revert back to O.C.P. behaviors subconsciously keep themselves out of the vortex by allowing their thinking to be stuck in frustration and anger and therefore their focus is elsewhere.  They say where your energy goes is where your energy flows.  The majority of people today live more in their thinking than in their wholeness of self.  The vortex may be best described as a tunnel of balanced equal energy and light which is constantly in motion with balanced energy with ebb and flow.  Possibly imagine trying to plug a high voltage clothes dryer into a 110 household plug-in. 


During the time when individuals find themselves in and out of the vortex without an understanding of what the vortex is, it is difficult to seek guidance from others who live life unknowingly with the invisible handcuffs of O.C.P.  When a person is held out of the vortex from their thinking these times can be trying as they attempt to make sense of their experience of the 5D and their usual life in the 3D.  They continue to have experiences in and out of the vortex when they least expect them, their confusion is how they gain access into the vortex or even what and where this is they find themselves from time to time.  Most people in the 3D grow up shunning what they cannot see or read about.  The confusion that is digested by individuals not allowing themselves to feel whole.  We hear about the YING and the YANG; we all have feminine and masculine parts of our beings.  When we can balance all four parts of our being we find the balance of self within both our feminine and our masculine parts, as above so below, in our balance, we find calmness.  It is through our balance and calmness can access the vortex.   A vortex is a place that individuals can access independently.


On a personal note, I recall when I first discovered feeling these vibrations I knew were not mine and asking my equal if they too felt this from time to time.  I had told myself that in sharing with my equal if they said they had no idea of what I was referring too that I had intentions to sign myself into the psych ward at the hospital.  It was all so intense and back then I had no idea of what all this was and it certainly was not disappearing.  It wasn't until I went to see a particular woman who told me about the vortex.  She shared she had only read about the vortex and had never experienced working with anyone who opened one.  She told me that a vortex could never be closed so do not bother trying to close it.  She told me that I would be made aware of a great deal of information and to appreciate for the other person it was as though they were standing on a rock at the ocean and flood doors opened and was bowling them over and it would take years for them to understand and to put my seatbelt on.   So true was what was shared.  I  have discovered a great deal since her sharing.  In asking my equal if they too felt this regularly, they put their hand over their heart and looked at me saying yes and looked as shook as I felt.  It was a turning point in understanding what the vortex was and where my equal and I had found ourselves.  At that time the person who was an equal and I lived in different communities in separate 3D lives.


Life and spirituality is a process that is personal, which both parties must learn about separately if they fall out of balance and back into their O.C.P. invisible handcuffs as they attempt to make sense of it all.


I will share with each of you that energetic relationships are not always easy though if you can absorb the experience and move in a forward motion of self the process is beautiful as you continue to learn through the experiences of life itself.


A person who has entered a vortex and allows fear to take over with their thinking, rapidly find themselves in a limbo state of confusion.  As powerful of a connection it is, some tend to keep their head below the sand, until one day there is no more sand to hide under, after exhausting all blame, judgment, guilt, and expectations they are called from within to awaken by their inner self.  Initially, they try to live in both the vortex and when they must show up in their 3D O.C.P. compound as uncomfortable as it may be at times.  At some point due to fear of the unknown most individuals who run to hide in their old O.C.P. compound as a safe haven, struggle for having to live a life of untruth to themselves and or others.  It is a natural occurrence to run to the safety net of the O.C.P. compound vs. into the unknown as that is what we are taught in O.C.P.  This type of personality that fears making a decision for themselves, begins to see the vortex as a torture chamber of where they experienced a wholeness yet their 3D life tells them it is wrong to feel so complete.  The belief is no one else they know is living happily or wholely.  This is where the mind over matter wins out for some, and the long list of O.C.P. reasons to sit tight in O.C.P. takes over due to ego, guilt, expectations, or shame of self for feeling wholeness.  They allow their mental part of their being to take them off balance and in doing so spend many years trying to regain the masked fake life others see on the outside.   


When couples enter couple therapy where one party is in a vortex with their equal and in the 3D with another partner who is not their equal in vibration, one can imagine the writing on the wall from the outside. There are few professionals who have experience personally in this area that understand energetic / vibration energy or true wholeness, not to mention what finding yourself in a vortex consists of.  Only a qualified experienced professional realistically could be of any assistance to these individuals.  The sessions generally dance around control, victim, co-dependency.


Often mixed match energy couples enter therapy one spouse attempts to control the other individual by forcing them to stay in the commitment with expectations or threats based on O.C.P. coupling.   When an individual who has experienced wholeness is held in a place of unbalance based on O.C.P. expectations, there is a part of the individual being held mentally captive who knows their spirit is always safe within the vortex.   The vortex is a place their spouse nor no other than their equal can enter and a place their spirit rejuvenates when they can allow themselves to be calm and focused on self in silent balance.   During this time the individual who first ran from fear of the vortex to hide in the compound of their old O.C.P. lifestyle begins to flip their safety net as they discover their only safe haven they can rely upon is in their vortex.  This process can take time.  Being in a vortex with an equal when the two parties are not co-existing is like having a real-life twin in some aspects.  Equals do not have to be in a physical relationship to share energy within a vortex though it is only in the vortex the energy continues to flow between their 3D beings.

When individuals begin to allow themselves to recognize their own spirituality as a part of their being whole it takes time to explore their own spirituality.  There is no timeline in the vortex.  Balancing our wheel simply can take time when it has been out of balance for so long, much like the relapse and pro-lapse addition process shown in the D&A section on gzccservices.com


Our life was not meant to be a difficult journey.  As we become aware of the fear of change and allow ourselves to be held back by the invisible handcuffs of our old O.C.P. lifestyles and beliefs from past era's the journey to self is ultimately up to each individual.  Each choice we make determines how long or short the journey to wholeness of self is.

When couples are held together by ego based-control and the power of threat.  This Power and Control = abuse to both parties.  There is no winner in this situation.


Over years individuals who have experience energy in the vortex and work with the energy allowing it to flow discover it becomes about their own energy.  When an individual continues to grow their vibrations often become higher and often they discover their ability to enter into the vortex of their new frequency and when this transformation occurs they are able to from time to time revisit the old vortex though tend to gravitate to their new vortex.   Understanding and being open to vibration and energy and unconditional love of self versus beliefs and restraints open many gateways...


Do know that not every couple who experience their partners having external relationships is one of where their partner met their equal.  Most are simply affairs, the unfortunate reality of many O.C.P. lifestyles and in most cases based on just sex.  O.C.P. couples separately daydream about sex with others even if they are not stepping out of the marriage physically.  They both fanaticize about one day making true passionate love with a special individual.  Having never experienced the full spectrum of true passionate unconditional love they have no blueprint to springboard from.


People reading what is written here will make their own choices, strive for their own goals in life and or spirituality.  Spirituality is not religion, it is about our own energy, vibration and clarity and finding balance to be whole; living life by your own choices you choose for you and your happiness.  We do not owe our lives to others nor are we an object to be owned.   When you find your true balance you can enter the vortex alone and be in the energy of totality with or without another. 


There are life lessons in all our experiences in this lifetime.  The ultimate question one will be brought to answer regardless to their circumstance is are you happy where you find yourself on a day to day basis?  Are you putting everyone around you ahead of yourself?  Is how you are living the best version of you? Are you balanced and are you whole?  Can you be fully you in the world in which you created so far?


Whether you attract your equal in this life or not, does not mean you or they own one another.  Spiritual relationships are catalysts for achieving true balance and or a compliment of having found your balance.  Only those parties who are able to naturally maintain their frequency can remain whole and can co-exist with an equal in a true unconditional union where experiencing romantic passion and totality have their own language that truly cannot be shared in words.  One can only begin to share the tip of the iceberg so to speak.   When two spirits energetically share union it is an amazing experience that can last lifetimes...


I have seen over the years in couple counselling over and over again where one or the other have what is referred to as an affair.  It's only through work singularly can a person discover for themselves what type of O.C.P. relationship they have in these cases as each are separate.  There are tools that couples can be provided to work through situations though at the end of the day are they able to live happy, healthy, productive lives where they can achieve their own wholeness, feel valued by self and equally by their partner? Can they first be in-line with their own wholeness in all four sectors of self and free to find balance which may or may not include their existing partner?  What kind of time are they willing to put in and are they sacrificing self to remain?  If staying together results in abandoning who they truly are is their one life-time - they discover they have, worth the sacrifice for the sake of an ego?


The ego within an individual is the greatest lesson one must conquer before finding their inner self value and learn to love themselves enough to discover there is no win in an emotionless relationship or one that limps along on 3 parts of our human being self.  There comes a time in all humans when they discover that  a material ego based life is the basis of the loneliness they feel within with a lack of being whole and or feeling balanced.


Spiritually: Our true equal first must be with self and discovering our balance within of our ying and yang equally.  When we can move through life with a balanced wheel our lives often attract at that time an equal naturally. 


Once two people have entered into a vortex it can be the for some the catalyst to have been the inspiration to maintain their frequency.  The one who remains in O.C.P. finds themselves closed out of the vortex eventually, which allows the other to continue to move forward and raise their vibration to attracting a new equal.  


When the two remain connected through life whether together or not we'll see some individuals content in their life fulfilling their mission alone in the  3D or couple with a shared interest partner to accomplish a mission.  The vortex can remain open flowing energy even when one of the equals passes.  The vortex is beyond the 3D physical life we are conscious of.  This may be where the saying;  age is a mind of matter, as often an equal can be a born a few years or more behind or ahead of the other.  When souls are destined to remain together their is nothing that will close the vortex.  When the two met to be catalysts for one another their frequencies will change.  The spirit who consistently seeks transformation continues to grow and when they rebalance in their new energy often attract new energies of like mind.  This is why in the New Era PowerPoint we discuss like minded and if we could as in the Video replace relationships with experiences we could also say equal frequencies.  Allow yourself to flow, keep your heart open and unconditional...give without expectation and receive without expection...


When you reach your highest vibration your equal will connect either in the 3D or join with you in the 5D.  There are lessons and markers for each being to achieve in their life as an individual.  Becoming whole and tending equally to ALL four sectors of your own being allows for us to move forward in balance and achieve, as above so below with ebb and flow, and after arriving there, all is balanced without invisible handcuffs.  When you achieve  your ultimate vibration you will have arrived; this occurs when you have done the mental, emotion spiritual and physical work necessary to achieve balance.  From this place the wheel freely moves through life with abundance.  Abundance is not a measure of money or objects it is about having what is required as its required without worry or concern and trusting the universe.  When there is nothing in the way of the wheel the wheel rotates evenly with ebb and flow, as above so below...


Many human bodies are struggling today due to lack of hydration with living crystalline water; the one and only way a body is able to be in full vibration and transcend frequencies from one organ to the next as intended at full potential.  Each cell in our body was designed by whoever you believe to be the maker to be 78-93% living water.  Most people's cells today are full of dead water yet individuals having expectations of a healthy mind and body when in fact their cells are like raisins are truly only fooling themselves.  Some people's water capacity in their cells are as low as 40 percentile of dead non productive fluid perceived as water versus living water.  Science Nobel Prize winner discovered in 1931 that disease and illness cannot survive in a slightly alkaline pH environment.  The body's needs have never changed nor will they as much as corporations are determined to offer products that lower the human body's pH and vibration.  The human body's requirements to function remain the same, and always will.  [see book on Amazon: Water Equals You] 


O.C.P. mindsets have us believing we must first partner to find happiness.   When we allow ourselves to be in the mindset of needing another, or needing anything in particular to be happy our wheel becomes out of balance as our ego's take over.  Our bodies become ill or diseased by our thinking and our product consumption by allowing ourselves to be stuck in an ego based existence when we do not take time out to be in respect of our own spirituality and ALL four sectors of our human being self.  Spirituality is Spirituality and like everything else on earth many focus far too much on one area versus ALL four areas it takes to live in this 3D life we have been born into for reasons.  You were not given this life to struggle,  to sit on the high mountains in solitude or live singularly, you were given life to achieve, as above so below in balance and when you can do this for yourself first, all your desires shall be around you and fulfill you.   


They say be careful what you ask for, know what you ask for may not come with a face you desire or a particular body as that would be you trying to control the outcome.  However what you ask for will come if you do the work you were sent here to do... Make your choices based on what you want and remember as they say karma never forgets an address... I too have had to journey through my lessons of karma as do we all along this journey.  Like you, I cannot change actions of the past, I have had rather I choose to be of gratitude that each of those actions and reactions were on the roadmap to where I have arrived so far and it truly is a beautiful place.  I live each day in gratitude.


During sessions people often ask about the spirituality part of wheel.  I would often share this part of the Historical Medicine Wheel appeared to be one of respect of those who lived before us, who gave us life.  I suggested to let go of what or how they looked after us as a child or what actions or reactions they may have had.  Consider focusing on the respect for the simple fact those before us gave to us our life and from here for us to now take accountability for our own actions along our own journey.  To live life in gratitude of each lesson that brings you closer to unconditional love of self, balance and wholeness.


For younger generations who are yet to couple, both books are to encourage you to allow yourself to have a sneak peak of what the generations before you have endured.  Many of you will become trail blazers and set new trails for future generations from here and when and how people couple and have relationships.  When we can see what has transpired, what has worked and what has not it allows for new information to lead the way for new outcomes.  If we can lead by example to our children or share with them the possibilities of a true union versus an O.C.P. auto-pilot lifestyle which one would we consciously choose for them?


Know when youth are interviewed they wish their parent for many divorced or divorced earlier as living in the dysfunction pretendance of a relationship was extremely painful.  If the trail blazers can find equal responsibility in raising children versus fighting over them or one disappearing the children can grow in a more balanced way of life.  What do you want your children to learn from you and what part of the experience do you think they do not see or experience and who's coaching them?


Remember the era's and how people were led down paths to arrive where you find yourself today.  From here it is 100% your responsibility to make the choices that will take you down your roads on your map to arrive exactly where you were suppose to be to learnt and the next lesson until one day you arrive at ebb and flow...as above so below...life without judgment, without blame, without guilt, without expectations, without politics, without unrealistic traditions, without ways of life that hold you back from being the very best version of you possible...life in balance and whole self is a beautiful place to be... 


You decide how and when you want your life to become the fullest version of you.  When you can love yourself and others unconditionally without strings attached much arrives to you in life.  Let go of controlling an outcome and allow all around you to ebb and flow... Trust your "Golden Key"  to guide you as it is the one connection you have with self for you and you alone...recognize ALL four parts of you count equally. 


One day you may find this place of being in gratitude of the wind, gratitude of the air, gratitude of the trees of water, the sun and the very earth you walk and live upon and in that day you will breathe deep and feel all the energy that is in abundance just waiting for you to experience...


May your journey be one that inspires you...