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7.5 - 8 hrs    Price may vary

Corporations who educate their employee's in personal growth flourish in production.  

Management is often required to manage staff's personal crisis.


Who is managing your management in their crisis?  Providing your team with communication tools of accountability leaves few rocks uncovered. A  personal crisis of one person, can and often does affect projection deadlines,  production resulting in lower R.O. I's.  

This one-day seminar can dissolve a majority of control issues, replacing control with respect to protocol and hierarchy within the corporation. Opening the doors for workers to communicate more effectively to achieve an increased positive outcome in assisting the corporation's business to a more productive focus.

GZCC SERVICES is capable of presenting online via Zoom or in Person.  

Additional travel fees will be required 

Disclaimer:  By accessing information provided by GZCCSERVICES.COM web site, written and or verbal material [upon the site or provided by the consultant],  the user accepts full liability and responsibility for their use of the material.  Therefore it is the user[s] entire responsibility what the user chooses to do in their personal life with the information provided during a consultation. Information is not intended as therapy or counseling. Information provided by GZCCSERVICES.COM is not intended to replace professional Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counselling treatments or Court Ordered Counselling.  ​

All material is copyrighted and may not be used in any way by clients or others in a professional manner.  Legal action will be taken in such an event.  Information provided by Ground Zero GZCCSERVICES.COM is for personal use only.  ​All users accessing the site shall be the minimum age of 19 years of age.  ​The Consultant may be contacted for youths who are at risk of suicide and arrangements may be made by proof of legal rights as a guardian for the youth.  ​Legal guardians may request a Legal Guardianship request form for youths at risk.  Progress reports shall not be provided.  GZCCSERVICES.COM does not require an adult's full name or personal ID information.  Client files consist of levels achieved only.  This is done to prevent illegal access of your information shared with the consultant.  [exceptions are: Youth at Risk and Workplace required documents: A Workplace Required Document will consist of your full name, levels achieved and dates only]

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