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Ground Zero Communication Consulting Services 


[1-1 session]   Due to privacy Corporate and Group Testimonials may not be published 

    Retired Provincial School Board Official

  • Years of retired life endless appointments to physiologists, physiatrists, and neurologists, local community professionals extending to cross the continent as far as New York.  With each appointment conclusion, I became more exasperated in defeat.  Our initial visit with you was for my wife in regard to her hearing aid. You saw my pain, you quietly and graciously turned, offering me information that led to releasing me from where I was trapped for so many long exhausting years, embodied with shame, fear, and frustration.  For 9 long years I existed as merely as a shut-in; My body's reactions to my internal pain, physically resulted in public outings simply impossible, a dreadful way to exist.  I arrived at the conscious decision that never again would I experience walking down a crowded street without being stared at. I was a prisoner in our own home and my body.  In a short time, this information you share that I chose to inhabit in my brain became the runway to freedom.  Freedom, I lost by accepting that public existence had become obsolete in my future.  Young lady, you are an endearing and amazing individual for haven invested the dedication to develop this capsule of information.  Each footstep I take from here was because you cared enough to spend time with an old and frail man who dreamt of one more stroll down a busy street.  


    Construction Superintendent, Canada 

  • Why are you in Health and Safety when there is so much need in this area!  I attended multiple Alcohol Treatment Centers, so many counselors, I can't count anymore, and not one of them shared any of this. I have struggled for many years battling this addiction when all I had to do is be exposed to this. I actually understand all this now.  The information you shared with me in 10 minutes has been more helpful than all of them put together over the many years. My addiction was standing in the way of my promotion.  Thank you so much.

       Why are other professionals not sharing this information?

     Multi-chain Business owner, USA 

  • I was stuck in my therapy by a professional who clearly could not relate to my problems, It was clear in how they looked at me!  I shut down right away out of mistrust of how this person could possibly help me and I wasn't far off.  A collection of text-book information that was off base for me.  I lost living like a person and became a label in my world from those visits. The information from GROUND ZERO CONSULTING SERVICES in one session, I was able to use it right away! It was so easy for me to internalize.  I could see in your eyes,  hear in your voice, you understand all these dynamics and how it's all affected me.  You shared the missing information, I became enriched by seeing it all and experiencing it. I felt immediate confidence to walk forward, empowered to make healthier choices, and what fit for me instead of what I had experienced in sessions.  I have become much stronger making my own choices in my personal life, I myself now make a whole lot easier.  I felt so at ease because this information fit for me. Thank you very much!



       Medic, Vancouver Island, BC

  • As you know work as an emergency worker is taxing.  It wears on a person.  I wanted to help others because I was drowning inside and no one gave a damn about me and what I was managing in my life like I wasn't a real person, I was the rescuer.  I saved many lives but my own was drowning in silence.  I felt suicidal a number of times in hopelessness of ever feeling good about myself as me without the uniform.  I have been so tired of endless therapy appointments, coming home feeling exactly the same, and angry for being left exposed. I became angry that it seemed medication was the only answer one was led to rely upon;; we all know that is not a solve in life.  I felt like no one cared to hear to me.  I felt like a file number instead of a person who reached out for help.  The information the professional I was sent to wasn't working for me.  Meeting you professionally, you reached out to me instantly and quietly.  It was a turning point in my life to feel understood and to receive what felt like a real down to earth easy to understand information that works in real life, right away.  I found closure for a big trigger in that very first bit of information I was exposed too.  Today I walk with confidence and feel more present to perform my work as an Emergency worker with healthy empathy and compassion instead of deep down wishing just 1 person would notice and somehow help me!!!!  I am actually good at my work and now I feel 100% present for those people I attend in their time of crisis.  Appreciative and grateful to this information. Thank you for starting me at my Ground Zero to arrive where I am today!  

       Emergency worker Vancouver



  • Before I discovered this information, the information provided in the past from let's just say a few professionals, I couldn't get down to, let alone unlock what they refer to as my root issues.  This information from Ground Zero Consulting Services hit a homer the first time! WOW!  I WAS BLOWN AWAY! What info I put in my brain actually stuck like glue and works for me every day, automatically.  The way I address situations is so much healthier now.  I chose to use a whole lot of it right away because I could easily understand it.  No rock unturned is what I say.  To be an adult and still feel the way I was feel'in, just is not ok.  All I can say is this information is the rock of life.  I happily tell all my friends about this with pride.  The cool thing is because the site offers different info they don't know exactly what I was doing in there.  You are one of a kind! 

       Professional Sports Oklahoma


  • I didn't have to tell you.  The respect of my privacy was appreciated.  When I heard you were launching a web site I had to write you so hopefully, it will help someone else out there who is suffering the way I was.  Discovering to trust me was a big one!


I spent years tormented within with anger of people I believed I loved and trusted and those I accomplished business milestones with, with under cheek tactics.  A sharp wit and tongue, successful in business hurdles.  When truth be told I was unsuccessful in personal relationships.  Success and money can surround you with acquaintances, minus true friends. [little happiness is the bottom line] Blessed with pleasing looks, money, eye turning swagger, I was literally, physically and mentally stuck in the what of me, not who but, 'what', I had become, unable to play in life as the me inside I so strived to be.


I  reached out for therapy a few times with no success.  At the end of all the therapy sessions were thousands of dollars down the drain.  I left feeling overwhelmed and suffocating at times believing there was no help for someone like me.  I wondered how many other people felt such silent desperation.  I was introduced to a woman on a business conference call and drawn to her sense, style and cut the mustard polite attitude, impressed by the information she delivered.  I contacted her a few days later.  As we talked she read me like no other.  In those moments, I was hanging by a thread.  She offered me a few kind bits of information.  I asked her if she offered this information to individuals professionally and she shared she was a consultant.  

I am humbled today by how easily I transformed into the me in all aspects of my world that quite frankly before exposure to GZCCServices no-one else could see but me.  To discover it was me, holding me back with what Ground Zero refers to as those invisible handcuffs we put on as a young child and hide the key deep within.  How we decipher information has been conditioned by systems, in my opinion, that enslave us to remain trapped inside, well some make some pretty sizable incomes off our suffering.  Not this lady, she is in and out.  Direct.  

My first time I left the consult feeling like I finally found my place. I am so happy I no longer waste time in that stuck place.  Forever grateful to Ground Zero Communication Consulting. It's a safer life now knowing I can never slip back to yesterday exactly the way it was.  Money is not the be-all nor looks or success.  How you feel inside today makes the difference in each step you take.  My personal friendships have grown to heights I never imagined possible.  You are a blessed person.  Thank you.

High rise Investor New Yorker, USA


  • My therapy for years had me on meds within my first few appointments.  It seemed with each issue I unveiled out came another prescription.  I needed help, not meds!  At the end of that whole process, I ended up on countless pills to control my anxiety because I felt increasingly worse.  I entered therapy to obtain help and left it with prescription additions ontop of my unresolved issues!  I was drowning, I ended up in a place I honestly felt there was no hope, and no longer a want to keep living?  I can't really tell another person how incredible this information is because this information was so life-changing for me.  I now am so empowered by just knowing what I chose to do was my choice not my pasts making my it', my choice with my new skills to deliver myself in this world.  With Ground Zero I discovered I had a choice to make choices and today live empowered by having done so.   I felt so stuck in the system!   Ground Zero Communication  Consulting Services I am free now! I didn't need prescriptions I just needed information.  I only have one med left and I am scott free.  No more invisible handcuffs for me.

Business Owner Northern BC



  • Before Ground Zero Communication Consulting Services I was on six medications to control my mental issues that came from my depression that led to abuse of alcohol.  It's amazing how the right information can simply set you free.  I am in-charge of my life, finally at over 40.  This was simple with the information that just fits.   I have the choice now and outright knowing that empowers me to make the right decisions that are actually working for me.  It's been earth-shattering to say the least.

Previous Council Member, BC


  • In my search for control of my life, my choices landed me in situations of being extremely abused or at times being the abuser.  Discovering how, why and what I can do for me has stopped what used to feel like that in that ugly endless cycle.   I am in charge of me now not those around me. Thank you for being so direct I found an incredible me in all this.

Interior BC


  • I finally feel like I can live life again instead of being a label and messed up.  I feel like a new kid with a new life!

Nanaimo, BC


  • This information created the direct pathway to the root of what was deep down doing me in.  Ground Zero Communication Consulting Services freaked me out because I didn't have to disclose the freaky details of my experiences in life and I wasn't brought to tears or left dangling in the wind-exposed by the session ending. This is a downright experience no one ought to miss, it's all so direct and helpful at least I found it to be, almost as fast as it's shared I got it.  My mind, body, and soul felt whole and happy I felt me for the first time. Someone finally got it! Thank you for sharing all this!  It's a great place to have control in life and making the choices I wanted too for me and couldn't before in my old life, and now I understand why I couldn't.  This information made it so easy! 

Vancouver, BC


My family is in crisis because of me! I grew up drinking big soda drinks, everything we drank my parents bought, even water.  By the time I was twelve my body was so big I couldn't even stand to look in the mirror and my heart was having issues.  One day food no longer was satisfying, nothing tasted appealing.  Nothing I ate or drank seem to give me pleasure.  I shut down consumption.  I became what people call anorexia.  All I knew is nothing felt good anymore, NOTHING.  Sandi when you explained how the brain needs good nutrition and healthy living crystalline water it was like a light switch needs a connection through wire to turn on, that was my turning point.  Thank you for giving to not just me, my whole family, not only information we all have used but to explain to us the seriousness of brain tissue dehydration.  GZCC Services is so much more than any of us expected!!! I am back to a healthy weight and life is happy and I am functioning well in society. My parents no longer secretly have to cry or follow me around 24-7.   

Melissa, Texas

Disclaimer:  By accessing information provided by GZCCSERVICES.COM web site, written and or verbal material [upon the site or provided by the consultant],  the user accepts full liability and responsibility for their use of the material.  Therefore it is the user[s] entire responsibility what the user chooses to do in their personal life with the information provided during a consultation.   information is not intended as therapy or counseling. Information provided by GZCCSERVICES.COM is not intended to replace professional Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counselling treatments or Court Ordered Counselling.  ​

All material is copyrighted and may not be used in any way by clients or others in a professional manner.  Legal action will be taken in such an event.  Information provided by Ground Zero GZCCSERVICES.COM is for personal use only.  ​All users accessing the site shall be the minimum age of 19 years of age.  ​The Consultant may be contacted for youths who are at risk of suicide and arrangements may be made by proof of legal rights as a guardian for the youth.  ​Legal guardians may request a Legal Guardianship request form for youths at risk.  Progress reports shall not be provided.  GZCCSERVICES.COM does not require an adult's full name or personal ID information.  Client files consist of levels achieved only.  This is done to prevent illegal access of your information shared with the consultant.  [exceptions are: Youth at Risk and Workplace required documents: A Workplace Required Document will consist of your full name, levels achieved and dates only]

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