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The body needs living water to live

The simplest explanation is the fact that your body cannot live underwater without air any more than it can live on land without healthy living water.

Those who are 40+ can remember back in the day before air contamination and city waters had chlorine and other additives and massive pollution.   Those same individuals will tell you we did not have the binders and journals of literally thousands of diseases we have today.  Why is that? 

CONTAMINATION a concern for you? Find out how over 19 known germs become inert within 30 seconds.  Substantiated with a 150k Independent Lab Report.  Imagine 30 seconds! 

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A Majority of Health & Mental Issues Today Are a Direct Result of The Water Consumed  [cell disruption]
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Water Equals You available in

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Food-Hand-Surface Sanitizer Technology

  • This technology produces a weak form of HOCI  that has a 99.9% kill rate of unwanted hazards on foods and surfaces and an 11.5 pH water to remove pesticides from foods, clean surfaces   

  • Technology producing hydrogen-enriched living  micro-clustered, crystalline alkaline water 8.5, 9.0, 9.5 

  • Clean 7 pH water

  • Increase receptor cell hydration



For simplicity sake: 

How do you test the pH of a fluid?

How would you test your city water?

Would you use litmus paper strips to test for the pH of a fluid? 

Would you use Chemicals to determine the pH of a fluid?

The potable [deemed safe] water target is generally 6.5-8.5 pH in most municipalities.  

[Research this at your city hall ask for a full water analogy]



Here's the hidden jewel:

The acronym "pH" is to measure the movement in the fluid you are testing.  The ability of the liquid to retain electrons and electrolytes [also known as hydrogen gas/oxygen]  this test is to measure the movement in the liquid and the ability of the liquid to retain oxygen [electrons and electrolytes] to determine its aerobic nature.  


Re-evaluate mainstream education models.  What portion above was missing? Do you now begin to wonder how a piece of paper [litmus paper] can measure movement?  If you realized it cannot, then you may be on the right track. 

To measure the true pH of a fluid of its energy one can use an ORP meter.  An ORP meter is an electronic device that measures the mini-volts of the liquid and has the ability to measure the movement, therefore, the true pH of the water.   [research this tool]

It is important that we learn the difference between medical theories and science.  Why? The studies are in two separate professions.  Scientists evolve information daily and are in separate fields from the medical industries we refer to as physicians.

Who controls the water shall control the people.  Have a look at 3rd world countries and do know as much water as we may have around us this water is being altered before you consume it.  Governments have the task of cleaning water to the best of their ability for millions of people.  Are they scientists? The responsibility lies in the unfortunate uninformed consumer.  Often times there are loopholes the uniformed are unable to see which does not mean they do not exist.

Recognizing healthy water is different from clean water before consumption:  Pollution falls upon the earth even at the high mountain lakes so do not be fooled.  Both man-made and environmental pollutants dropping on earth from the skies or the chemicals added to clean water and other contaminants found in water today play a large role in health among the living.  Most water droplets flowing through our taps are unable to hydrate our tissues due to particles attached to most droplets; hence illness, lack of hydration on a cellular level.

Back before pollution, water was what the scientists refer to as 6 ringed micro-clustered water, flat and hexagonal, and aerobic. 

Why is this important?  The human body was designed to consume 6 ringed micro-clustered water, flat, and hexagonal water.  

Today's water is now 12-26 multi-cluster on average vs. a 6 ringed micro-cluster historically due to pollution by man or industry.  Tap water in most communities only 7-15% of what you consume may l hydrate your tissues in your body.  The rest of the fluid you drink travels to the stomach.  Therefore NOT hydrating your tissues.  When tissues are not hydrated with healthy living water; Note: I said. "living"; the tissues are unable to function properly nor can your body flush out toxins from your body.  Most illnesses, stress or otherwise health issues can often stem from the water in which is being consumed resulting in dehydration of your body's tissues.  It is that simple.  

Each tissue in your body to function properly requires 78-93% living healthy water within each cell.  Most people are lucky if they have half of that today.

Why an increase in heart issues?  When the blood is not hydrated with healthy living water, flowing oxygen plaque develops upon the arteries, [hardening of the arteries]. Heart muscles decrease in their functionality, leading to various issues.  One, in particular, these days is when the thoracic cavity accumulates used water when the heart muscles weaken unable to used water through the second tank to be flushed away. 

Simple science and knowledge about water can improve many body functions.   Many emotional issues are often amplified when a person is dehydrated. 

BOTTLED WATER and fluids available on a shelf is often referred to as DEAD WATER. [made from Reverse Osmosis waters /distilled fluid referred to as water] These fluids have had natural minerals removed to be living and too large of droplets to adequately hydrate our cells. The sales of these fluids is a business based on marketing using verbiage to the unresearched minds. A delicate subject without facts.  

When our bodies become dehydrated the human body becomes highly acceptable to contract some type of illness, whether it be a disease or mental issue.  It's up to you where you chose your money to be spent, it's up to each person to research as it is up to you why type of water your body requires. 

The focal point is to become educated about water and what you as a consumer can do for yourself. There are multiple ways to clean your water with technologies available to in the world.  On this site, I share a portion of what I have discovered that works well for me, a technology to clean my and return to origin the water I consume that has three medical ISO numbers to prove its worthiness.  A technology with 3 WQA certifications on the entire machine vs. the filter only.  This technology has the ability to self-clean it' itself and one user can have the unit cleaned by the Vendors technicians who perform a yearly deep clean and inspection of the entire Ionize Technology.  The technology cleans and reduces water in most communities returns water to its a natural state for better cell hydration results.   

An important factor in this technology is; can the housing of the plates be removed for cleaning and inspection and does the Vendor offer a warranty and deep cleaning? 

A thought: Do a car operate on vinegar?  or Do you plug it in if electric or put fuel if it requires fuel; do you put unleaded in a car that requires leaded gasoline?

Do you put non-productive water in your body or

Do you put living water and what does the human body require?

Large water to go to the stomach or micro oxygenated alkaline living water that can hydrate and promote aerobic action in the blood. 


If you wish to know more request our download and read the PDF which identifies the technologies available and or a PDF on how to clean your tap water without reducing for better cleaner multi-cluster potable water.

CANCER: When the body has slipped below the 5.5 pH range.  Cancer clinics will suggest a person eating Alkaline foods though the reality is when the food is being washed, cooked in acidic chlorinated water the pH of the food is now altered.  Decomposing vegetables within the body in combination with chlorine can become a major issue for many.

LUNG CANCER: Hot chlorinated showers can become more of an issue than smoking.

Before submitting forms to the Vendor there are additional forms to be completed such as a fax, supply list, and or other.  Use the email contact to request access on google docs.  Have a consultation with Sandi prior to submitting your forms to the Vendor once completed and payment is available.  The Distributor assists you with your paperwork and provides online training upon the delivery of your technology.  You will have direct access in the future to acquire supplies and warranties from the Vendor. 

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