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Hi everyone!  As a mother, Consultant and Contributor, I lean upon my professional backgrounds: Certified Counsellor,  Health & Safety Advisory, and having been a Medic for many years.    

Business owners, individuals worldwide know me in various capacities as my interests are birthed from the pinnacle of OUR EARTH's living water, to mental wellness [In my culture known as Mother Earth] The wellness for both our earth we live and depend upon and our body's wellness.    It's all connected...

I enjoyed many years of parenting and now just being mom.  During the years of single parenting by choice the hours my child slept I'd research, write material constantly expanding in the areas that peaked my interests. 

At this time in life many friends asked to adopt my share: When your children become adults there comes a time you no longer parent and become simply mom or dad.  It's their life and not ours to burden with our expectations.   When children become adults they become an extension of their own exploration to experience life.  Life for them just as we had is their opportunity to discover, and after all, didn't we all decide our own journey?  The world continues to evolve and each travel to their own destiny in their own way and time.   

I welcome each of you to my link page and hope each of those who visit find a piece of information useful in your life's journey or  to share with others you know ... life is an amazing journey...



email is: donations@kib.ca

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