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3 HOURS Mind-Gym is a life-altering online system open 24-7 when users need it most.  Your private information is kept on a paper in front of the user not in our system keeping your privacy intact. You'll gain communication skills to work through any issue you may happen upon in life.  All you have to do is code in and let our system guide you through what takes many a lifetime if ever to acquire.  You'll be guided by the Founder of the program a Professional Certified Counselor/consultant. There are no high-tech gimmicks or continued programs you must sign up for, just 3 hours of your life when you are ready to unleash the rest of your life with many new easily acquired skills.





Upon completing your purchase of the 3 HOURS Mind-Gym ACCESS CODE check in the DOWNLOAD section of your device to find your code.  


It is recommended before entering:

  • Secure a safe and quiet area
  • Turn off all devices 
  • Have a a few sheets of paper, pen or pencil
  • Ensure small children and pets are being taken care of by a responsible adult 
  • Give yourself 3 hours of undisturbed time
  • Try not to allow yourself to think or think you know an exercise in the event a piece may be somewhat familiar or you will lose the object of this system. You want to tap into your feelings versus auto-pilot thinking. 
  • If possible, give yourself the remainder of the day for undisturbed relaxation
  • Understand that once exposed to these tools your life will be altered
  • Check in the GZCC TREE LINK PAGE FOR DISCOUNT CODE, [availability may vary]


NOTICE TO USERS: Your code will permit you access to the system. Once in the system, you have only one opportunity with your code to make a selection in Part 2.  This is key information for the user.  Only one access is permitted as each user will choose in Part 2 differently.  The system is designed for one user only per code,  

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